For the first time EVER, a revealing look into what it's really like to be a TRUE fanboy and what it's really like to live with one!

Welcome to, the official website of James and Johnny Jacobs, authors of the new groundbreaking book, True Confessions of a Fanboy.

Put simply, True Confessions of a Fanboy is one of the most hysterically accurate accounts of a fanboy's life you'll ever read. Most people who are on this site for the first time have decided to check us out because a friend has already told them how shockingly entertaining the book is.

You're probably in the same boat, so we're guessing you already realize that we're the real deal. But regardless of all the good things you've probably heard, we're sure you still have some questions before buying yourself a copy. With that said, here's what we're usually asked, along with our answers...

"So what exactly is this book about?"

The book's subtitle says it all:

"The True Story of What It Means to Be a Fanboy and
the Insanity That Goes Along With Living With One."

True Confessions of a Fanboy follows brothers James and Johnny Jacobs as they describe for readers around the world the kind of lifestyle that is led by a fanboy who has truly gone off the deep end, allowing this way of life to completely consume who he is as a person. If you think you or someone you know is obsessive about a certain comic book character or toy line or video game or whatever, think again. You have absolutely NO idea what crazy really is. This is what you'll come to realize as you read True Confessions of a Fanboy.

James' acquisition and maintenance of all of his precious collectibles will be examined in heavy detail, offering readers a revealing look into the psyche of a fanboy that no one has ever seen before. Any fanboys who read this book will become aware that all those crazy and weird idiosyncrasies they themselves have about collecting comics, toys, and everything else... are actually tendencies that are shared by many other people around the world as well.

True Confessions is, in many ways, a cautionary tale. It follows a fanboy who, while fully entrenched in this wacky and weird lifestyle, is obviously bitterly aware of how debilitating this way of life can really be. James knows he's crazy. He knows he's weird. And he knows that he's wasting his life away with all of the comics and toys and cards and video games and other collectible items he continues to purchase almost daily. But he just can't stop being who he is and becomes increasingly aware of the inevitability of his situation as the book progresses.

"Why two authors instead of just one?"

Well, in order to really appreciate what it means to be a TRUE fanboy, you have to see things from more than just one vantage point. With True Confessions, you get both the fanboy perspective AND the non-fanboy perspective. Before they read the book, most people don't realize that Johnny isn't actually a fanboy himself. He's James' normal (and might I add, disapproving) younger brother. Johnny's contribution to the book will show readers what a fanboy really looks like from the outside.

Johnny will describe how utterly frustrating it is to live with a brother who "just doesn't get it." His accounts of events previously described by James will demonstrate for readers what it's really like to be around someone whose warped interests in things that are "supposed to be for children" last into adulthood and beyond.

So while you'll understand the plight of the true fanboy through James' eyes, you'll also have the opportunity of seeing what it's like to be on the outside, horrifically looking in through Johnny's eyes.

"This sounds kinda hooky... is this really a 'true' story?"

Yes, this is REAL. What you're going to read, as odd as it will seem, describes circumstances and events that have actually occurred and continue to happen regularly. But the gravity of the situation is so amazingly sad that we had to add a humorous spin and include a lot of parody throughout the book as well. Otherwise, it would be way too depressing to publish.

In fact, considering how embarrassing some of the stuff that you're going to read really is, the authors had to take steps to conceal their identities so that they could continue to go out in public after this book's sold millions and millions of copies. That's why James and Johnny are represented by cartoon art in the chapter headings and other portions of the book.

(If you're REALLY curious about what they look like, you can get somewhat of an idea by checking out our PHOTO TOUR section)

"'Cartoon Art?' You mean this is a graphic novel?"

No. This is an actual book with A LOT of hilarious, shocking content. We did an automated count on the original manuscript, and according to Microsoft Word, you're looking at nearly 35,000 words. Not exactly a number that you could fit into a comic book or graphic novel. So the pages are obviously loaded with words just like in any other soft-cover publication.

But we wanted it to be as fun as we could possibly make it, so whenever we could, we took the opportunity to add a number of pages with line art throughout the book to better illustrate what the authors go through on a day-to-day basis.

"Is this book for kids?"

Hell, no. Think about it... this is a TRUE story about how pathetic a fanboy can actually be. And since we're not pulling any punches here, that kind of tale is not exactly something that would be appropriate for the faint of heart. Your kid might not be able to handle the toilet humor and four-letter words that frequent the book's pages on a regular basis. So sensitive little sissies need not apply.

"'Sissies need not apply?' But I don't know if I'm too much of a sissy to buy this book. Can I read a chapter or two to make sure it's right for me?"

Fine, you friggin' cheapo. If you HAVE to read some of the book before you commit to buying, go right ahead. In fact, we KNEW you were going to say that! That's why we've already set up a section on this site where you can read the book's preface and fifth chapter. It gives you a pretty solid idea of how cool True Confessions of a Fanboy really is, and yes, it's free for anyone to read. We even invite you to pass it along to all your friends. To read the excerpt, just scroll back up to the top of the page and click on the "Free Chapter Excerpt" tab.

"If I buy this book, will you be my friend?"

Probably not, you loser. But if you're the kind of guy who needs to buy his friends, then this book is probably perfect for you! And even if you've got one or two people in your corner already, you never know when they'll get tired of those fruitcakes you keep sending them at Christmas time, so you might want to buy this book for yourself and for them just to make sure everything stays okay between you.

"Will you give me my money back if I don't like the book?"

That's probably one of the funniest questions I've ever heard in my entire life! Because only a complete head case could read this book and not like it. But we're honorable people over here, so just in case a weird individual like that actually exists, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you've got yourself a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you don't absolutely love True Confessions of a Fanboy, you can return the book at any point in the first month after you have received it. Just contact us at your convenience, let us work out details for you to return your copy undamaged, and we'll hook you up with that refund. Just realize that we won't like you anymore. If you can accept that, so can we.

"Sounds good!
Okay, so I definitely want a copy of the book!!

How can I get my hands on one??"

Simple. Copies are available exclusively through our publisher, AK Communications, and they can be securely ordered by clicking the "Purchase Book" link below. You'll conveniently be taken to our book orders section and be granted access to our safe and easy shopping cart system!

"Thanks, you're awesome!"

We know it! Now go read our book already!

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